License Agreement

Available Licenses

VEDA licenses are based on the number of VEDA users within an organizational unit. We do not consider concurrent uses, but rather count the number of individual people that will use VEDA on a routine basis. A VEDA user is welcome to install VEDA on more than one computer - assuming that only one of those computers will be used at a time. Single User Licenses are restricted to an individual - the licensee named in the license file.

Multi-User/Department (MUD) Licenses

Multi-User/Department (MUD) licenses allow several users to run the licensed software on one or more computers. License Users Price small MUD up to 5 twice the price of a single user system medium MUD up to 10 three times the price of a single user system larger MUD add one more single user price for each additional 10 users.

Maintenance and Support

The license fee covers a perpetual license to use the software. Maintenance and support is free during the first year after the purchase of the software. After the first year the optional annual fee for maintenance and support is 20% of the original purchase price. If the user does not purchase maintenance and support for some period and chooses to purchase it at a later date, we will charge the annual maintenance and support fees for the periods that were not covered.


The software can be downloaded from our web site and we will deliver the license keys via e-mail.

Prices and Regulations

All prices are stated in US Dollars and do not include any applicable taxes and tariffs.