Run Manager


  • The Run Manager is used to compose and submit model runs (YouTube video)

  • Each model run is based on a Case definition comprising:
    • Scenarios

    • Regions

    • Settings

    • Properties


DD and script files

  • There are three different possible structures of the GAMS_Wrk.. folder and sub-folders based on the following inputs:
    • Max Runs =1

    • Max Runs >1

    • Parametric scenario case (irrespective of Max Runs)


Case definition

  • Create a New Case by providing the core information for the case definition (or copy an existing Case to create a starting point)
    • Case Name - name of the case

    • Description - description of the case

    • Scenario Group - scenarios to be included in this run

    • Region Group - regions to be included in this run

    • Parametric Group - driver scenario for a suite of runs

    • Properties Group - what GAMS options/switch are to be employed

    • Periods Definition - period definition for the run

    • Ending Year - last period for the run

    • Source TIMES - where does the TIMES code reside

    • Solver - which solver is to be used

    • Solver Options - which solver options to use

    • GDX References - GDX files to be used for freezing periods, elastic demand base prices or IRE bounds/prices

Model run submission

  • Select one (or more) of the cases in the Managed Save Cases section and click SOLVE

  • Solving a model opens a CMD window showing the GAMS solution log