Version History

247.1.3 [23Dec21]


  • [Bugfix] Export functionality from pivot grids was not working on some machines.

247 [15Dec21]


  • QA_Check log file will open automatically after the run if it reports “FATAL ERROR” or “INVALID PARAMETER”.

  • Option to Compact Database under Tools menu.

  • Batch runs are launched in the order in which they appear in the list on Run Manager.

  • [Bugfix] DD files are written for one case at a time when Max Runs < 2.

  • When Restart Option is active in Run Manager, Region and period selections are dumped in a file <casename>_input_data.JSON.

  • Reporting: WAttribute col in TS_Defs table can be used to compute dynamic weighted averages. See example in Veda Adv Demo.

244 [04Nov21]


  • Menu layout enhanced for convenience in Results module.

243 [25Oct21]


  • [Bugfix] User-defined sets were not available for processing if only BY_Trans was synchronized.

  • Several UI enhancements.

  • Reporting: timeslice_map (like process_map and commodity_map) can be used create timeslice aggregations. For example, months and hours can be different dimensions.

242 [27Sep21]


  • [BugFix] related to lower case in Super-region name; introduced in version 241.

241 [25Sep21]


  • Any Base/SubRES import triggers Demand processing.

  • Runmanager: Scenario group refresh button appears on reordering cases (it used to appear only when on change of selections).

  • [Bugfix] Group delete in Case Manager.

  • Possible to import VD files without VDE/S/T (via Tools menu).

  • Control on sort order of views in Results and Reports.

  • Added search in all dropdown lists.

  • “Help” tab added in Veda menu.

  • User-defined CG will be usable in the commodity columns of Veda tables.

  • Process and commodity filters can be used in table tags. For example, ~TFM_INS: CSET_SET=DEM.

  • TSLVL and SIDE forced to be upper case.

  • UC_ATTR displayed under Items Detail of UC; also on mouseover (along with description) in Browse.

  • BrowseForm: multiple pivot tabs can be opened, like in Results. Use the “Add Pivot” button.

  • Several enhancements in Reports processing.

239 [23Aug21]


  • Reports functionality will be available under all license types till 31 Dec 21.

  • If a run fails for any reason, then the contents of command window will be displayed in a text file automatically.

  • Leading and trailing spaces will be removed each cell at the time of reading from Excel.

  • Excel export format improved.

  • Reporting of duplicate declarations improved (Information >> Model >> Manage Duplicates)

238 [07Aug21]


  • Items detail view uses colors to indicate set membership and an icon to identify the PCG

  • Mouseover in pivot grids displays numbers with full precision


  • Reports section has been added in Veda documentation

  • TS_Defs tag supports fields “show_me” and “discard” to give more control over aggregations

237 [23Jul21]


  • Debug: Batch sync had stopped working in the previous version


  • Major efficiency improvement in reports processing

  • Additional dimensions don’t need the source dimensions in “group by” anymore

236 [17Jul21]


  • Debug: it was not possible to drag a case to the first position in Run Manager

  • Debug: unselecting SubRES was throwing an error during DD writing in some cases

  • Debug: Excel export from pivot grid was rounding numbers to two decimals

  • MaxRuns will apply to parametric scenarios as well

  • Localhost version uses port 65001 - will be easier to work on machines that have a non-Veda PostgreSQL installation

  • Date modified (instead of created) shown on VD file import form

  • GAMS engine credentials can be declared under user options


  • perCapita and perGDP reporting

234 [26Jun21]


  • Several UI updates

  • A button on the top of pivot grids (in the center) to make pivot grids full screen on all forms where they appear

  • Absolute negative values can be declared prefixed with “~” in UPD/MIG tables.
    • Use case: ACT_BND FX can have ~-1 in the Interpolation options MIG table in SysSettings

  • Commodities selected for Browse will be searched in all commodity and commodity_group fields


  • Report browser enhancements

233 [07Jun21]


  • Several UI updates; smoother loading of Navigator

  • Smart filter box color changed to dull orange - throughout the application

  • Excel export formatting improvement

  • GDXDiff imports files when Diff is requested and works much faster
    • No need to import GDX files via Tools menu

  • Added support for the following TIMES attributes: ACT_FLO, CM_GHGMAP, NCAP_BPME, NCAP_CDME, NCAP_CEH, NCAP_CLAG, NCAP_ISPCT, RCAP_BLK

  • Report creation process smoother

231 [17Apr21]


  • Several UI updates on Start page and run mananger

  • Bulk CSV export faster

  • Debug: GAMS instructions were not being written to RUN and DD files

  • More layout changes are being saved in Appdata folder

  • Item Details in context menu along with ExRes

  • Parametric scenarios not imported in batch sync

  • Application reopens the modules that were open at the time of closing

  • Any GDX file can be used in reference section (only those produced on the current machine were usable earlier)

  • Tools menu - option added to open the folder with application error logs

  • Major update in default layout of Reports

230 [31Mar21]


  • In pivot grids, elements are displayed for dimensions that are in the aggregated section, and have single items.

  • Batch SYNC option available on Start page

  • Backup and Restore state options added in Model menu

  • Default layout settings enhanced (further) for pivot grids in all modules

227 [12Mar21]


  • Default layout settings enhanced for pivot grids in all modules

  • Layouts can be saved with names in Browse

225 [05Mar21]


  • Automatic import of data GDX discontinued

  • Dbl-click on data values inserted by Veda shows appropriate messages

  • Veda checks for a healthy version of Excel on the machine

  • Windows alert sound while reading Excel files suppressed

  • Default layout improved in all pivot grids

  • Layout can be saved with names in Browse

  • Item details pivot layout is saved, like ExRES

219 [20Feb21]


  • License and maintenance status reflect on the main form

  • Application version displayed on bottom right of the screen (not on the title of main form anymore)

  • localhost version should work on some machines where it did not

  • Results: View names QC for characters that are not permissible as Excel sheet names

  • Results: Close all button added

  • Results: views can be exported to CSV without loading into pivot grids

  • several enhancements on GDX reference forms (Run manager)

  • Debug: “too many clients” error when writing a large number of DD files (DD writing more efficient)

  • Debug: sub-totals were appearing after some pivoting operations


  • Scenario groups (from Run manager) available to filter scenarios in Browse (like process/commodity sets)

213 [25Jan21]

  • Debug: ExRes layout

  • Run manager: Filter added for GDX file lists

  • Major efficiency improvement in Results refresh

  • Right-click option to see Item details from Items lists, set browser, and set editor.

  • Commgrp handling for NCAP_AFC

  • Added a few process sub-types

  • Default TS for STG_CHRG = ANNUAL

  • Added a few missing attributes and set TS_OFF

205 [06Jan21]

  • Bugfix: user-defined sets, as set specification for other set, were not working in the new sets editor functionality.

  • Bugfix: BRATIO under properties in Run manager was an integer field; it is now text so that it can be left blank.

  • Browse enhancement: “Select in list” option on right-click in pivot grid, to select items in the filter lists.

  • ExRes: layout and filters are saved.

  • Pop-ups from the auxiliary EXEs, after run completion, have been suppressed.

202 [25Dec20]

  • Veda.FrontEnd.exe has been renamed as Veda2.0.exe

  • Sets Browser: Processes and Commodities on different tabs

  • Batch export: Results.xlsx file has a time stamp and opens on creation

  • Pivot Grids enhancement: Page field dimensions where items are being aggregated are higlighted with an orange line

  • Subtotals option available in pivot grids

  • New functionality Information - Model - Manage duplicates: shows duplicate declarations of processes/commodities

  • Tools menu has a new item Sets, with browser and editor as sub-menus

  • Sets editor: a major new functionality that allows interactive creation/editing/copying of sets. Definitions in Excel file are updated seamlessly.

197 [12Dec20]

  • Attribute RFCmd_bot added to introduce GAMS commands at the bottom of RUN files

  • Element descriptions on mouseover in Results pivot grids

196 [06Dec20]

  • Bugfix: Information - Model - tag details had duplication

  • RFCmd* and SFCmd* attributes can introduce GAMS code in RUN and DD files

  • Run manager: New menu item “Reorder scenarios” that makes it easier to manage scenario groups

  • Start page: Right click on a folder to remove it from “New” section

  • Information - TIMES attributes updated to the current version of documentation

194 [02Dec20]

  • Bugfix: using ENDYEAR with the new ~Milestoneyears tag was producing a “0” in list of periods

  • Bugfix: resolved duplication in commodity-only attributes from SubRES

  • Results - update Excel

  • All SET COM entries appear in BASE.DD

  • Adding windows info in error log

  • Results will automatically read Sets definition file (on launch) if it has been modified

  • Veda_SnT to Excel migration.xlsm handles possible duplication in Setrules table of Veda_SnT.MDB

  • NSV candidates reporting improved; Open File button added

  • Arrow keys supported in PivotGrid

189 [21Nov20]

  • Bugfix: Processes no longer required to be in .VDS files

  • Bugfix: TS filtering (year2=0/1) was not able to ignore records that came from BASE

  • Dummy UC variables not created for non-binding constraints

  • Browse: Proc/comm units are displayed along with description on mouseover

  • Results: chart window visibility saved with view layout

  • Attribute master: Timeseries cell is green for attributes that are interpolated/extrapolated by default

  • Results: Cancel button to interrupt processing

  • No limit on length of model folder name

  • Disabled default loading of DemoS_012 model

  • Units handling in Results [See ~UnitConversion table on Defaults sheet in SysSettings - DemoS models]

182 [07Nov20]

  • Bugfix: bilateral trade processes with reg1=reg2 were getting deleted.

  • Bugfix: Parametric scenario selection was ignored while editing multiple cases.

  • Bugfix: RunManager layout changes were problematic; can restore default settings now.

  • GamsWrk files (*.VD, .LST, .GDX and QACheck) can be browsed and deleted using Model -> Manage disc space -> Text files, or the Text icon on Start page.

  • Check introduced to trap GAMS path with spaces.

  • Run manager now reports key solution metrics after runs finish.

178 [28Oct20]

  • Added validations for Gams source folder selected for cases.

  • ExRes works from pivot grid in Results.

  • Sets file appears on Navigator and shows its Sync status.

  • SysSettings, BY-Tans and Sets files will be synced if inConsistent, without selecting any other file.

  • ~MileStoneYears table supports a new column “type”, which can be used to declare an “EndYear” for each period specification. The milestone years don’t need any value in this column.

  • More tags, like FI_Process/Comm included in Information-Model tags.

  • Seed values for UPD,MIG,FILL tags are based on a two-level sorting: If Scenario B looks for seed values that exist in SubRES S, and scenarios A and C, then the value from scenario A will be selected.

173 [20Oct20]

  • New feature: Tools - Sync AppData folder, to import/export results table definitions, scenario groups and cases from other users.

  • New feature: Direct specification of MILESTONEYEARS via new tags ~MileStoneYears and ~EndYear (optional), in SysSettings.

172 [16Oct20]

  • Bugfix: Results - batch export Excel file was locked in some cases.

  • Bugfix: Sync froze if SysSettings did not generate any records.

  • GAMS output had stopped appearing in CMD window for GAMS version 32+.

  • Handled the case where Sets col is blank in FI_Process/Comm tables. Defaults PRE/NRG apply.

  • UPD, MIG and FILL tags can handle complex operands now (*-1, *0,25, for example)

168 [10Oct20]

  • Bugfix: all but BY templates turned “not imported” after renaming scenario files.

  • Licensing included.

  • Veda_SnT to Excel migration.xlsm updated.

  • Start page now includes Recent and New models, and Veda News (pulled from the Internet).

  • Dummy commodities for UCs can be used in CSET_CN col of TFM tables.

  • GDX and VD manual import - Default folder location from Model settings.

  • TFM_DINS tables support UC_N col.

  • TS_filter col supported in TFM_INS-TS.

  • Multiple result views are exported on different sheets of a single Excel file.

  • No empty cells in Row header section of Excel export.

161 [24Sep20]

  • Bugfix: Process column was not showing the right values in AttributeMaster.

  • “Add new” button added in “Model” menu.

  • Delete for saved layouts of Results added on UserOptions form.

159 [19Sep20]

  • Results: Tool tip on scenario list: Date | VD file path | Model | User | Study.

  • Results: Unsaved tabs named with time stamp.

  • Bugfix: GAMS root settings were not being saved in some cases.

  • UI refinements in Run Manager, Navigator and Attributes master.

  • Known bug: Add dimension combo on Browse gets duplicate entries.

155 [13Sep20]

  • Combos for scenario groups on run manager, and on case definition form, now work as a filter box.

  • Multiple cases can be edited together.

  • Close button added on Sync feedback form.

  • Dependency check form debugged.

  • Attribute master revamped.

154 [08Sep20]

  • bugfix: Trade processes with multiple commodity types were getting multiple PCGs. Now they are assigned in the following priority order: DEM - MAT - NRG - ENV - FIN.

  • Performance improvement in AVA-C processing.

  • Sets browser introduced under Tools menu.

  • Model tags details enhanced (under Information - Model menu).

152 [05Sep20]

  • bugfix: TFM_AVA-C had introduced case-sensitivity in commodities.

  • batch export (CSV and Excel) for Results

  • All layout changes in Results, Navigator and Run manager are retained, across Veda updates as well.

148 [29Aug20]

  • TFM_AVA-C supported

  • User-defined CG recognized as valid commodity names by Veda (no implications on DD files)

  • UI enhancement in Results

  • Indication when sets selected in results tables have common elements

  • <Model>Appdatafolder has priority over the Resource folder for solver options files

145 [25Aug20]

  • bugfix: * as the first character in PSET_PN was ignoring rows in TFM_PSET; it applies only to SetName col.

  • Several UI improvements

  • Configuration of the dimension lists in Results section is saved

143 over 139 [22Aug20]

  • Several UI changes in Run manager and Results

  • Icon on “New” button in navigator

  • gams check disabled for now

  • QC on length of case names

  • GAMS option RESLIM added under properties on Run manager

  • Toggle name/desc in pivot grid (process, commodity, attribute, uc; proc/comm sets pending)

  • backup xls files before conversion to xlsx/m

  • on double click in items list opens the definition in Excel

  • Veda tag information added for set definition tags