License operations

Activate/Deactivate License

You can locate the Activate/Deactivate License option under the Help menu by navigating to License operations.


License activation

Once setup, to start using VEDA2.0, the user is required to get licence. Launching Veda will present an Activation screen:


Trial license

If you have registered an evaluation version request on the ETSAP website, then you would already have a Trial license key. If not, you can get one as shown here.

Demo video:

If you don’t have the Trial key:
  • On Activation form, click ‘Get Trial Key’

  • Complete the Registration form to get Trial key by email

Paste it into the Activation form, and request Activation. This will then bring you to the VEDA2.0 Start Page, if activated successfully.

Permanent license


If you are already using a trial license, you need to deactivate it before you can activate the permanent license.

Demo video:

Offline activation

  • Step 1: Click on Activate your license

  • Step 2: Click on Activate Offline

  • Step 3: Fill your Activation Key

  • Step 4: Click on Scan QR Code and scan it from your mobile (with Internet)

  • Step 5: You will get the computer key from the above step. Now fill it in Computer Key and press Activate button

  • Step 6: Click on Finish button


License deactivation

Please follow these steps to deactivate the license from user machine.

  • Open the Veda2.0 application

  • Select the Activate/Deactivate License option under Help menu by navigating to License operations



In previous editions of the Veda2.0 application, you can locate the License Information option either under the Tools or Help menu.

  • Click on Deactivate your license from the License Wizard window

  • Click on Deactivate license key (You will find your license key in the Activation Key box)

  • After that, you will get a confirmatory deactivation message as shown below

  • Click on Finish button to close the application.

If you still require any assistance regarding license activation/deactivation Contact Us.

Show License Usage

Here you can verify both your license key and the number of activations linked to it by using the Show License Usage option found under the License operations within the Help menu.



If the feature mentioned above is unavailable due to the user's machine lacking internet connectivity, please use this designated page. Enter your license key into the search box and press 'enter' to see the count of activated machines linked to your license key.