Uninstalling Postgres


  • Make sure you have permission to uninstall programs from your computer. Contact your IT administrator if you do not have permissions.

  • In case your anti- virus is preventing you from uninstalling it. Stop or pause your anti- virus.

  • Stop\Delete “veda-db” service:
    • Open Task manager

    • Look for a service called “veda-db”.

    • Delete “veda-db” service:
      1. Open command prompt as an administrator

      1. Run the following commands:
        • SC STOP veda-db (skip if the service is already stopped)

        • SC DELETE veda-db

  • After getting success message, you can go ahead and uninstall Postgres:

  • If the pgsql folder in Veda2.0 directory is empty then it is safe to delete it.

  • It is safe to delete the Veda2.0 directory as well, if it does not contain any user’s model folders.

  • Delete Postgres from Registry:
    • Open Registry editor as an administrator

    • From the list, right-click and delete the following folders:
      1. PostgreSQL

      2. PostgreSQL Global Development Group